#22 Jeeps Only – The Trans America Trail

August 26 & 27, 2020 NASTY SILT, and finally, OREGON!

We left Preston and traveled on a horrible dusty silt track until we opted for pavement into Eureka which was a cute little historical town where we fueled up.

We went clear to Battle Mountain, Nevada on pavement. We had Subway/ pizza and found some shade in a nice park…… then the trouble started…. The TAT took us in to private land, and had to take a crazy detour down the steepest switchbacks imaginable. We ended up being rescued by some hunters who helped us around a washout where we found a newly revised section of the TAT tracks. We camped at the Chimney Damn Reservoir, survived lightning and a LOUD thunderstorm. We were up early and out of there!!

The next day was much better. We fueled up in Paradise at the 395 Jct. We headed North to Denio Jct. we crossed the the state line into OREGON at 11:31 am. Yay!!!!!

In Oregon, we participated in a cattle drive! One couple got a little frisky for our viewing pleasure.

We had to bypass our TAT dip into California due to the wildfires. We instead went to Lakeview, Oregon where the smoke was still very heavy. And they don’t have a car wash!!! 😡

Vader and usjeeper stayed at a nice RV park while TinShanty and BeatsWorking cheated a bit and got motel rooms.


………. Excuse you!

Crazy kids…..

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