#17 Jeeps Only – The Trans America Trail

August 19 and 20, 2020 BLACK BEAR PASS and THE BEAR ATTACK

We did it! And we are prepared to say that ours is the ONLY Jeep Commander in the world to ever CONQUER BLACK BEAR PASS, and also SURVIVE A BLACK BEAR ATTACK!

But we’re missing rslagle….. Roger headed toward Farmington due to the reoccurring error code issue. We hope he rejoins us soon.

Yep, that’s a paw print, and we’re not sure why Ruby’s pillow didn’t scare him away 🤔

He broke the center console, and bent all off the headrests.

We’re really lucky that he was satisfied with the 10 pound bag of dog food that was in the heavy flat bag that was on the floor. He was trying to get through some narrow spaces to get to the built in kitchen and fridge/freezer in the back. We think he was spooked because he seemed to give up too easy. It could have been so much worse.

To keep going, we picked up some clear film and Gorilla tape and our best Christmas present wrapper Donna was selected to do the temporary repairs.

We do have some minor electrical issues with the door locks and air conditioning. And his big fat butt bent the right rear door out of alignment from the inside. We filed the insurance claim, and took a day off the trail to get a new window in Farmington NM.

BLACK BEAR PASS is as challenging and spectacular as we had expected. As we started up, we stopped to check out the signs that Randall and Judy’s club the “Creeper Jeeper Gang” had installed. The club sponsors the Black Bear Pass Trail. They provided some beautiful custom signage as well as doing work to label and restore side tracks that were eroding the tender tundra. The goal is to keep the humans from abusing the trail. The sign is beautiful!

We put a little commemorative JEO TAT 2020 sticker on the sign. Check it out if you get up that way. 😉


We have been wondering if our “Little Tin” was going to be the first 2007 Jeep Commander to successfully navigate Black Bear Pass near Telluride, CO. With all of the extensive modifications made to our Jeep in anticipation of the Trans America Trail expedition, in the back of our minds was the question, is it enough for Black Bear. We’ve seen Jeep Grande Cherokee’s handle the trail and our car is that basic platform. But scouring the internet, we’ve never been able to find a Commander that has attempted or conquered Black Bear. Success!!

Gettin’ that butt in the air!

4 thoughts on “#17 Jeeps Only – The Trans America Trail

  1. Bear attack, aaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………………………. Were you away from camp or was it at night in your roof top tent ?????


  2. I was wondering if you were in your tent when the bear came visiting… not to mention, where was Ruby?

    Amazing adventure! I would have been out of the Jeep at that turn.


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