#16 Jeeps Only – The Trans America Trail

August 18, 2020 The Continental Divide – Cinnamon Pass and more

Today is the day we start up the passes. As we left camp this morning and headed toward Marshal Pass, we hit the Continental Divide. Most of us will stand in this spot again as we travel the entire Continent Divide from Canada To Mexico on the next jeepexpeditions.org epic expedition that starts a couple of weeks after the TAT has ended. The big run today is Cinnamon Pass. Let’s go!

Come for a drive with us! Some roads are smooth…

The really fun roads are bumpy!

I’m getting the hang of the GoPro camera. But I still have my trusty Nikon D750 at the ready. I think I take a picture every three minutes.

This why it’s named Cinnamon Pass. The colors are Amazing.

In the South we saw the Kudzu vines destroying the forests. Out West it’s the bark beetles killing the pine trees. It wasn’t that long ago that these forests were lush and green. We are shocked by how much of the forest has been destroyed since the last time we road these passes.

We see critters at every turn. It’s mostly cows, deer, antelope, turkeys, an occasional elk, but once in awhile we get lucky and see a mama moose and her baby.

Larry spotted this buffalo (!!??!)

Colorado is beautiful. And the weather has been perfect!

I can’t remember the exact folklore associated with Alfred Packer, something to do with cannibalism back in the day. There’s quite a bit of reference to it here in Lake City where we stopped for the night.This entire area is packed with ATV enthusiasts, most from Texas it appears. We couldn’t find an available campground, but the Elkhorn Rv Resort offered us their front lawn for 4 Jeeps, and we did score a couple of little camp cabins. The bath house and laundry were a welcome site.

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