#9 Jeeps Only – The Trans America Trail

August 7, 2020 Shiloh Battlefield, Tennessee and on to Mississippi

Today we had the honor of visiting the Shiloh National Military Park in Tennessee. The grounds were stunning.

“It was the most epic struggle in the Western Theater of the Civil War. Nearly 110,000 American troops clashed in a bloody contest that resulted in 23,746 casualties, more than in all of America’s previous wars combined. You explore both the Shiloh and Corinth battlefields to discover the impact of this struggle in the soldiers and on the nation.”

The monuments to both the Union and the Confederate armies were amazing. There are rolling hills lined with the thousands of graves, most unmarked. We found it to be comforting that the Union and Confederate soldiers were buried respectfully side by side. We saw no reference to picking sides here. No Judgement. Just history and honor.

It was a very complicated war that in some cases even put brother against brother. It’s hard to explain but with everything going on in our country today, we found this place a very comforting place to be. That both sides came together after such carnage and preserved and respected each other gives you hope.

I’m including both flags, it seemed appropriate in this context.

There were many World Wars 1 and 2 veterans buried here also.

Hey!! M.I.S.S.I.S.S.I.P.P.I. or Mrs. Sippy

We have two way radios and are pretty chatty all day. We play Dollar General bingo, cuz Dollar stores are EVERYWHERE in these small towns. See the sign first, call it out , the rules vary 🤔, keeping score is impossible.

We wound up camping at Tippah County State Park in Ripley, Mississippi on a really nice lake. We had an interesting long talk with the 4th term Tippah County Sherrif. We may be living in a bubble, but life sure seems normal everywhere we go. Other than COVID-19, and EVERYONE is wearing a mask.

They make Ashley furniture in these parts.

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