#3 Jeeps Only – The Trans America Trail

August 1, 2020 Newton Grove North Carolina A Taste of Heaven Campground

After days of unbearable heat and humidity, we finally found just a little bit of relief in Newton Grove. The humidity was maybe 85 percent instead of 90. 🥵 It did cool off a bit and we had the best sleep yet. This may be a taste of heaven, but the bugs are hell!

Up until about 2 months ago there was a nice size lake next to this beautiful camp ground. There was an old dam that was part of this cool old mill from the 1800’s. After a single storm brought 11 inches of rain, the old dam gave out and they say it took about 8 days for the lake to drain.

You can see that the locals are working to rebuild the dam and preserve this piece of history. It was an old corn grinding mill. We’re seeing a lot of historical buildings like this as welll as markers for Civil War battles.

Vader’s nice “batwing” awning

Nice Gazebo!

And this is definitely tobacco country.

We found a beautifully restored plantation on our route. We couldn’t go in to the buildings due to COVID. The grounds were interesting but a stark reminder of other times.

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