Day 22 t0 28 We’re Tourists in Key West


Boyd’s RV Park, our home for the week was just lovely. Lovely but very crowded. The nicest spots were actually the tent sites on the outer loop. Right on the water, these spots are spacious and beautiful.

These spots have no hook ups and are for tent campers, small vans, rooftop tents, etc. It’s amazing how many motor cycle riders are traveling and tent camping across the country.

If we had kayaks……
If we had a boat……
Our yard
They also have pastel 20 foot Conex boxes. Very tiny houses!

We took a 14 mile bike ride on this island that is only 4 miles long and 1 mile wide!

This video of the ride out to the pier gives the illusion that we had a nice peaceful ride with no traffic. Ha!! I also have an eight minute video of us trying to cross the main highway to get to the main bike path. OMG! But we actually met another couple from Mesa AZ and had a nice conversation while stuck in the median for over 5 minutes!

We made it to the “Southern Most Point” in the United States but didn’t want to wait in the long line to get the picture. But we were there!

We tried again in the truck. No luck, no place to park.
And Santa Claus was following us
The Hemingway house
Walgreens moved into the old downtown cinema??
Amazing murals
Shrimp boats are out
The life is too short bus
There’s an International Airport that takes up a good portion of Key West Island. The planes take off straight up!

Time to move on…. Leaving Key West

I’m wondering if the cars used to drive on the upper deck above the train? Yikes!

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