Day 16 Tallahassee


If only……. This would be so fun to convert to an RV. This is the finest old milk truck we have ever seen, in THE best automobile collection ever.

We had another Harvest Host success with our stay at the Tallahassee Automobile and Collectables Museum. The grounds were beautiful with plenty of room for many rigs. There were only two others this night. Lotti had plenty of frisbee action.

Free parking for the night. But we did spend $15 apiece to tour the museum.


And David wants this ‘66 Nova!!


They had a huge doll collection, but not one Betsy McCall doll. Hmmmmm…… I think I could help them with this.

This museum is the collection of one individual. All items are owned by this museum founder. None of this is on loan. That makes the collection even more amazing. We were intrigued as to how one person could ever amass such a collection. Who IS this guy?

Check out this video if you LOVE car shows.

Here’s another one of our favorites.

He also had an old hearse that carried Abraham Lincoln to his final resting place.

And guns, guns, and more guns.

This one’s special. 357 Magnum.

One thought on “Day 16 Tallahassee

  1. This place is awesome ! My favorite stop so far. I could spend a week in thus museum. Looks like you have made some good selections on your Host spots. Only one I might have passed on was the one under the overpass. Wink!


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