Day 6 and 7 We remembered the Alamo.

JAN/FEB 2022 RV Trip Destination Key West

We couldn’t see much coming across Texas to San Antonio due to the fog. It’s so cold and dreary here. We spent Saturday night at an unusual Harvest Host, The Texas Air Museum near downtown San Antonio. What a gem! The all volunteer staff were very friendly, and so proud to share the collection of military flight memorabilia. We took the tour and then settled in to one of 2 grassy Harvest Host sites out in front of the building.

This is unbelievable! There was a large display containing the stories and accomplishments of underage military men and women in World War 2. (just boys and girls!) Most had lied about their age, but some were signed up by their parents where age wasn’t questioned. The youngest we saw was was twelve. One 13 year old went on to become an admiral in the Navy.


Hmmmmm. I think we could use this. We need another trailer…..
Images of The Mission Grounds

We disconnected the trailer and took a very short drive downtown to see the Missions of San Antonio National Historic Park, including The Alamo which is most famous from the battle in 1836. They were originally built by Spanish Colonists mostly around the 1700’s.

You just can’t visit San Antonio without seeing the Alamo! It’s really tight driving and parking downtown, and the Alamo is now surrounded by the city skyscrapers which is pretty startling when you drive up to it. We managed a good parking spot one block away.

There it is!

AND, we can’t go to San Antonio and not go see our good friends Barry and Sally! We had a great visit and we’re treated to some really good BBQ (of course!)

Now on to Houston tomorrow. Are we ever going to get out of Texas??

3 thoughts on “Day 6 and 7 We remembered the Alamo.

  1. It was great seeing y’all. Take care and have a continued good time. Glad you’re now able to take it slow and easy and really enjoy these United States. I remember when working we travelled all over the world but never really got to see any of it. Soak it all in….


  2. Several years ago we also stayed at a HH air museum outside of Chicago it was great. All HH locations that we’ve stayed where great and very friendly hosts, we actually stay in touch with one from 7 years ago, we where their first guests


  3. Love the part about the HH Museum! Ironically we spent order of the day looking at maps and working on our travel plans. We will be in Texas the end of March for Alana wedding. However we are flying for that trip. Stay warm!


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