#24 of 24. Jeeps Only – FINISHED The Trans America Trail

August 30, 2020 WE MADE IT!! Outer Banks, North Carolina to Port Orford, Oregon!

Coast to Coast in 29 Days!!! 5,572 miles!! We ROCK!!!

Note: If you didn’t follow us live, you can close Post #24 and go back to post #1 to see the entire trip.

The TAT tried to kick our butts this morning with washouts, detours, locked gates and impossible roads. But we’re the map masters and we figured it out. It was a beautiful run through the last mountain range to the sea. And we’re here! The end of the run in Port Orford, Oregon.

Thank you Randall and Judy for being great leaders. We’re going to miss everyone. We love you all! Till next time……

5 thoughts on “#24 of 24. Jeeps Only – FINISHED The Trans America Trail

  1. If the date is right on this youtube video (24 Aug), it looks like the TAT expedition did Black Bear Pass at the right time…


  2. Congrats on finishing a wonderful trip, and thank you for sharing your expedition with all of us! Have a safe drive home. 😊👍


  3. Well that’s fantastic!!! Very proud of you all!!! But I don’t like the post about the steep roads! 🤨
    Congratulations!!! 💪🏻


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