#12 of 24. Jeeps Only – The Trans America Trail

August 11, 2020 Oklahoma!

Maintenance Day rolled over from yesterday. rslagle’s error code returned so he had to turn around and go back to the Jeep dealership and have it readdressed. They corrected the problem and he was back to the group camp by 6:30 pm. He’s feeling pretty confident about the final fix.

TinShanty left as camp broke this morning and headed for Midwest Expedition Outfitters (MEO) in Tulsa.

The remainder of the group hit the trail hard. Now WE weren’t there, and this is a little grainy, but the group swears they were taking the trail this fast. (!!??!) We’re not so sure.

Looks like Kudzu is taking over Oklahoma too! This stuff is scary.

This is the Illinois River.

Camping tonight was at the Devil’s Den campground which was beautiful, but kind of creepy

First Roger made a run from Little Rock in the rain to make it back to the camp by 6:00, only to find this later in the night. Yikes! But great pics!

Crazy spider tree

Meanwhile in Tulsa, there’s this guy….

And Ruby’s had about enough. None of us are crazy about hotel life.

We made it to Tulsa and we’re able to meet with Freddie and Mike at MEO by noon. What a great operation! We were lucky to find them. First of all, they build killer expedition vehicles! They understand our plight and how critical it is that we find a solution and catch up with our group ASAP. Never mind that they are primarily Toyota platform expedition experts. Jeeps aren’t their thing, but they jumped through hoops to help us. It was quickly determined that different springs to fit our odd-ball Commander weren’t going to be readily available so we agreed on a airbags that had to be overnighted from Dallas. So here we sit.

But we are seeing some of old historic Route 66

4 thoughts on “#12 of 24. Jeeps Only – The Trans America Trail

  1. Ah yes the rear springs issue on overland set ups. Had the issue on my JKU switches to Tera flex Out back springs and still had to go with airbags in the back. Glad to see you have a solution and will be back on the road soon. GREAT blog wish I were there. See you on the Continental Divide Trail in Sept!


  2. At least you’re not broken down on the trail and the bonus? A real shower and bed for the night. Aww Ruby! Bailey is still dealing with a hot spot on her left leg. Broke down and gave her some prednisone tonight. Topical meds & the cone aren’t cutting it. We are in Kalispell on The Flathead River. It’s beautiful! Hugs!


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