#4 of 24. Jeeps Only – The Trans America Trail

August 2, 2020 Still in North Carolina! Camping tonight at Lake Norman State Park.

This pretty much sums up the weather and how we’re all feeling. It’s HOT!!

After 200+ miles today, it’s hard to believe we’re still just in North Carolina. It’s a beautiful state, and we’re really enjoying going small town to small town. We’re on a mission to find those “boiled peanuts” that Judy was telling us about. Covid-19 seems to have taken the fun out of the roadside produce stands for this season. No local peaches for us.

Sometimes we just miss a turn. Then I get a pic of my friends going the other way. Bringing up the rear, we’re looking at back ends all day!


Solar when you need it!

There wasn’t much variety in today’s drive, and no major photo ops so here’s a look at the Wright Brothers memorial at Kill Devil Hill that we all took time to visit prior to the start of the Trans America Trail.

The first rock is the take off point. The next in sequence represent the first 3 flights of 120, 175, and 200 feet before the fourth historic flight of 852 feet! It was really cool to see this in person.

Close by was the historic Bodie Lighthouse. It’s not as magnificent as the Cape Hatteras but still pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “#4 of 24. Jeeps Only – The Trans America Trail

  1. Great photos and stories so far. I especially enjoy the Wright Brothers photos. How far we’ve come and a testament to the American spirit of innovation, prosperity, and land of opportunity. Very cool!


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