Day 32 through 35 Savannah, Georgia!


We were able to get a great camp site at the Fort McAllister State Park for a few nights so that we could take our time touring Savannah. We dropped the trailer at the camp ground and took a quick drive to the city to get an idea of the surroundings.

The problem with sight seeing in an old city in a full sized pickup is that you can’t maneuver easily and you can’t see. My pictures from the first day weren’t worth saving. We regrouped and went back the next day. Much better!

The best way to see an old city is taking the guided 90 minute open air Trolly tour. It was a great!

Savannah is famous for it’s beautiful Mansions, churches and city squares. There is a college located in multiple old buildings here. SCAD is the Savannah College of Art and Design. Students and and alumni have worked together to repair and restore hundreds of homes and other buildings in the city.

Mansions, mansions, and more mansions. Every home has a story. Many are now museums.

Beautiful row houses….


The city is laid out around a series of town squares or parks. Each square is named after a famous person from the past. Most have some kind of statue or memorial in honor of its namesake. That is why all of the pictures you’ll see of downtown Savannah are lined with trees. I’m sure the tree canopies are much more lush and green in the spring and summer, but it is still very beautiful this time of year.

Winter tulips

Our tour guide offered insight into what it’s like to live in this area. It seems to be a very warm and friendly town for the locals. They have a lot of tradition and festive celebrations all year.

The commercial and shopping streets in the city are all in walking distance of the residential areas. It was very clean and well kept. The “River” streets were still very original with the old stone stairs and walk ways. It would be a fun place to walk and hang out. If we wouldn’t have had the dog with us, we would have taken advantage of the hop on hop off trolley and made a day of it.

Paula Dean has restaurants here! She also lives in Savannah.
Hey, wait! I think I know that guy!

Forrest Gump was filmed here. The park bench where he sat and waited for the bus throughout the movie has become kind of a destination. It’s like “standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona”.

He got on our bus 😁 That was fun!

The churches and cemetery were even more beautiful.

It was definitely worth the drive to get here! It’s a very unique city. We think we’ll be back!

Full time job keeping the trees trimmed.
Tiny house.

And back at our campsite inside the Fort McAllister State Park, Lotti had a new friend! Sophie was a great playmate for a few days. And we were actually staying at another historical fort!

We’ve had a change in plans….. instead of turning west, we’re headed north to Charleston South Carolina! Fort Sumter!

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