Day 13 and 14 New Orleans!


This is where it all happens….

It rained all day our first full day in New Orleans. We drove around anyway in our big truck which was not made for these little tiny one way streets. Excuse the picture quality. It’s impossible to get good shots out of steamy wet windows.

We love big bridges!

Day two was much better! We took an Uber to and from the RV Park to Bourbon Street which was only .7 miles. We aren’t that lazy, we’re just staying safe. We weren’t expecting anything festive in the city on a quiet Sunday but it was Betty White’s would be 100th birthday! We were glad to be able to experience the parade atmosphere. Everybody loved Betty. Even the marching band was playing “Thank You For Being A Friend”.

Lots of Bettys are here today

When I’m close to the gulf or any ocean, I always feel claustrophobic like I’m below sea level. Wait…. We are below sea level. – 4 feet. 😳

The city is really old and crowded but beautiful in its own way. It would be a very different way of life than what we’re used to. And I prefer about 1200 feet above sea level! And where do all of these people park???

Closed….. due to Covid. Darn.

The cemeteries are really spectacular. All are buried in crypts above ground due to the water level. There are cemeteries like this all over the city dating back hundreds of years. We’re not sure how all of this has withstood all of the hurricanes. The entire city is in a bowl surrounded by sea walls and levies.

Yes, that’s the I-10 right above us.

Our RV park had beautiful large individual spaces. But IT WAS LOUD! Probably the loudest place we have ever stayed on the road. The traffic never stopped. It was a constant roar all night long. We were there 3 nights and didn’t get much sleep. Can’t beat the location though. We highly recommend it!

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