Days 8, 9 and 10 Goin’ back to Houston

JAN/FEB 2022 RV Trip Destination Key West

We’re still in Texas….. it’s really big


Our first stop in the Houston area was for fuel, which turned into an hour and half at amazing Buc-ee’s. I’d been looking forward to this. It’s sorta like a truck stop, but no big trucks allowed. It’s quite an experience. We picked up their beef jerky and pulled pork sandwiches, and stayed clear of the fudge.

Houston’s freeway system is nuts! I’m sure the locals appreciate it, but our navigation devices were even arguing with each other.
Heading into Downtown Houston

Our Harvest Host site was right downtown near the stadium. Equal Parts Brewery provided a nice level field behind the brewery for 5 rigs. We decided to try an Urban setting and we’re right in the heart of Houston. It was different. The staff was very friendly, and we had a nice view of the inner workings. Turns out brewing beer is pretty complex.

We’ve been to Houston many times, mostly for work. We both have friends here. We made a quick stop at Sunstate for David to check in with AJ.

Thanks to my Hertz/Herc/Hirg (??) friend Craig and his wife Mary for a welcome dinner out. We had a nice relaxing visit and proved that we can leave our fiesty dog back at the RV park with so issues for over three hours. We don’t think she barked and howled while we were gone.

It seemed like we circled around downtown Houston several times in the couple of days we were there. Harvest Hosts only allow one night stays, so we spent the second night at the Trader Village RV Park on the Houston Flea Market grounds. It was HUGE, but there was no event in progress so it was pretty quiet.

We were checking the maps, trying to determine how to visit Galveston without too much back tracking and yet another pass around Houston. Well, what do you know? There’s a ferry! And it’s free!!

There are some beautiful buildings and homes on Galveston Island. It’s obvious that all building is done planning for hurricanes and tsunamis. In 1900, a category 4 hurricane ripped through Galveston killing an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 people. The city is less than 9 feet above sea level. It’s pretty obvious that homes are now built to withstand the storm surges. Everything is built on stilts, even the schools and churches. The city was pummeled again by major hurricanes in 1961 and 1983, but they caused much less damage.

Typical houses on the island

This is a vey busy port. They have up to five ferries at a time running back and forth taking travelers on SH87 between Galveston Island and the Bolivar Peninsula.

The birds like the free ride
Even churches are on stilts. Many of the homes and other buildings appeared to be recently rebuilt on Bolivar Peninsula. It was due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Ike in 2008.
2008 Hurricane Ike devastation.
It seems that most of these homes have been rebuilt.
Hmmmmmm. Curious about this place.

Yes! Finally, Louisiana!

2 thoughts on “Days 8, 9 and 10 Goin’ back to Houston

  1. Thanks for the updates. Great narrative and photos on the Houston area! Texas’ size sures makes exiting the state line seem like an accomplishment🙂


  2. I stayed at a winery with Harvest Host and got to see the inner workings of the winery but I never got to a brewery also stayed at a couple of alpaca farms that was very interesting. Your narrative is great and I greatly appreciate it, keep sending more


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