#21 Jeeps Only – The Trans America Trail

August 25, 2020 Long hot days to finish Utah and into Nevada

Some days on the TAT are just exhausting…….. the roads have been rough and dusty. It’s nearly impossible to get good pictures, and no cell service to upload them. I’m sorry to have fallen so far behind posting to the blog. Now we know our people have been following, because we have some worried people!

I can tell you that this little group of TAT travelers are tough! We soldier on through all this trail can throw at us.

The day started off nicely at Great Basin National Park. We took the scenic drive up to Wheeler peak. We think we could still see our dust trails from that morning coming across the Basin! There was no wind and the dust just seems to hang forever.

Let’s call this the BRUSHY DAY! We traveled for miles through tight, low hanging brush and Juniper. For Judy, this was our worst track. “It should be for motorcycles only.”

Just check out the video. It’ll give you an idea of what it’s been like transversing Utah and Nevada.

We look for what we call “Poney Express stops”. As we’re growing more desperate in the middle of nowhere, somehow a little oasis always seems to appear, if only a couple of trees for shade and sometimes even a vault toilet. Late in the afternoon we were low on fuel and water and looking for anywhere to stop for the night. We were hoping for a Poney Express stop, and boy did we find one in Preston, Nevada. Little but mighty Lane’s Truck Stop was A TAT travelers dream. It had it had everything, free camping, fuel, motel, laundry, restaurant and a store!! Amazing nice people. We scored!!

We even had a picnic table at the free campsite. 😁

One thought on “#21 Jeeps Only – The Trans America Trail

  1. Good to see your posts!! We were basically off grid most of the week. We are now in Virginia City MT. Historical Mining and ghost town. Found a nice little park. Going to go act like tourists today. Be safe!!


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