Day 30 and 31 St. Augustine and The Forts


We happened to score 1 night at the Anastasia State Park which was highly rated and supposed to be wonderful. What? We wondered around in the dark and creepy man-groves. The lanes were so tight there is no way we could back in to our spot. Had to get a refund and move on.

Back on the internet, I frantically was able to secure 2 nights at the St. Augustine KOA! Premium spot also! Whew!

Nice waterfront spot, but the signs warned us to watch out for alligators and snakes. Also leave the snapping turtles alone……. It is Still Florida.
Yay!! We think Greyhound busses are cool. We don’t see them anymore.
The St, Augustine Light House

The bridge into St. Augustine

The old gate entry to the city.

A little history: “Beginning in the 1500’s, many European powers, including Spain, France, and Great Britain were fighting for control in the New World. In 1565, Spain established St. Augustine to protect its Gulf Stream shipping route and anchor its claim to La Florida (roughly today’s Florida and parts of surrounding states.) By the early 1600’s, British colonies encroaching from the north threatened the city. The Spanish built nine wooden forts before constructing the massive stone fort that stands today, preserved as part of Castillo de San Marcos National Monument. Constructed between 1672 and 1675, this structure never fell in battle.”

This fort was in amazing shape for its age.

This city is really beautiful. We were really surprised what we found here. The streets are tight, but it was definitely worth taking a drive up and down all of the one way streets.

Part of the Flagler College Campus.


But wait! It gets better. You can drive on the beach!


And the beach is empty! Where are all of the tourists? This is sooooo much better than Key West!

The other fort, Fort Matanzas is just down the beach. It’s a really small fort on the other side of the inlet. Unfortunately the ferry boat doesn’t run on Monday or Tuesday.

One thought on “Day 30 and 31 St. Augustine and The Forts

  1. Driving on the beach reminds me of Daytona beach. We visited there in the late 1980’s with the kids. You could drive on the beach , rent ATV’s or bikes and go for miles. It was the only time I had ever experienced that. I am amazed that it is still allowed where you are at. I would have thought the environmentalist crazies would have stopped it. Glad they haven’t. Looks like fun. Wish we were there. The St. Augustine fort being in such good shape after 450+ years is an example of how Europeans built things to last back then. Reminds me of all the old churches and castles in Europe. Stay safe. Have fun!


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