Day 29 Harvest Hosts Are Amazing


Life on the farm

Our first stop for the night after the Keys was a beautiful 2500 acre working Accursio Farm in Miami that offers free RV dry camping for the night. As is with all Harvest Hosts they would like for you do purchase something that they offer but it’s not mandatory.

It was just a short walk back to the produce market. We picked up a few items including the best corn on the cob we’ve had in awhile. I’m glad we brought the air fryer. It roasts the corn perfectly!

Lotti Da is smiling. She likes farm life!
This is just amazing

Never mind that there must have been a rave somewhere out here in the boonies. It was off in the distance, but the music didn’t stop until around 4 a.m. 😬

Florida is very flat, and big! We’ve had enough of the crowded beach towns, so we avoided Miami and the beaches and headed up the inland farm roads. It was a little bumpy at times, but we enjoyed the farmland. Who knew?

Sugar Cane is a prominent crop. (We think, someone told us it’s sugar cane). And just like in another parts of the country, they burn the fields after harvest before replanting.

Why? Anyone?

Time for a break, and suddenly there was Port Mayaca Lock and Dam on Lake Okeechobee which is HUGE!! Nice surprise!

No, that’s a lake, not the ocean.
Plenty of room for action…..

By 1:30 we were already at our next Harvest Host in Fort Pierce. This one is the beautiful The Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery. They host concerts and events regularly, and today was a car show.

They have 24 Harvest Host free RV sites. Of course they are counting on guests joining in on the wine tasting and purchasing a bottle or two. Seriously, we really need to start consuming some wine if we’re going to be staying at wineries!

We did purchase tickets to the car show. 7 bucks apiece. What a deal. Sorry no pictures of the cars, we took a nap. 😴

Can’t beat this!

Tomorrow we are off to St. Augustine for a couple of days. We have no reservations, we’ll see how that goes!

2 thoughts on “Day 29 Harvest Hosts Are Amazing

  1. They burn away the leaves and the flowers that grow on the top of the stalk to make it easier to harvest the stalk, which is where the sugar resides. It also reduces the amount of surplus material left on the ground after the harvest that has to be dealt with somehow. Burning isn’t as common as it once was because of concerns over air pollution, but oddly, is still common practice in Florida.

    The pictures of “Air Lotti” are my favorite!


  2. We have truly loved Harvest Host locations. Actually think we enjoy the farms more than the wineries. Best was a berry farm. We were parked right in the Blue Berry fields. Looks like you’re having a great time. Funny how the big destination places are like, ok we did that. Let’s go get lost!


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