Day 20 The Everglades and Biscayne National Park

We’ve made it to Miami! Two nights at the Miami Everglades RV Park and then on to Key West. We’ve made it clear across the country!

Just a little creepy…..

We found what seems to be an old KOA Campground that has morphed into “The Miami Everglades RV Resort”. The shape of the office looks familiar. 🤔

We had a spot in the resort right up against and under “the tree”. It came with a squirrel that was determined to get in, on, or under our trailer. Im sure he saw that big orange bag of dog food in storage.

The drive through the Everglades National Park was beautiful, but we didn’t see any alligators, or panthers!

She would really like to see inside those Amazing Mangroves.

It seemed like the entire area was popular with kayakers who were gearing up to paddle out and camp in the swamps. But what about the alligators and snakes??? There wasn’t much to see from the road. It’s hard to believe there is dry land out there that you can camp on.

We did find some dry ground at the visitor center.
Lotti calls time out….
Biscaine National Park

Going to Biscayne National Park did give us a reason to drive though the outskirts of Miami which had horrible traffic with some very rude drivers from New York. All of the rude drivers seemed to be from New York. Coincidence?

We’re welcomed back to the “Resort” for the night, then on to The Keys!

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