Day 21 Driving down to the Keys


The last 110 miles! The famous Overseas Highway is an amazing driving experience. The bridge system includes 40+ bridges connecting 100 tiny islands or “keys”. The original road was built on the former overseas railroad system that was completed in 1912, but heavily damaged and partially destroyed by a hurricane in 1935.

The new highway and bridge system were built in phases from 1944 to 1978, and it is still continually being worked on. Most of the old bridges are still standing and long stretches are open for pedestrians and bicycles.

Eventually the Florida Keys Heritage Trail bike path will connect the old bridges and stretch 106 miles along the length of the Florida Keys from Key Largo to Key West, the southernmost point of the continental United States. The trail is also part of a larger effort called the East Coast Greenway, which will link multi-use trails from Florida all the way to Maine!

Of course there needs to be a turtle hospital

We’re here!! Boyd’s RV Park. This is the only RV Park on Key West Island, and they have done all they can to fit as many rigs as possible into a very small footprint.

That’s a bad place for a palm tree. We’re in, but we may not be able to get the trailer out. We’ll worry about that later.
There we are!

We’re finding that most have been here for weeks or months. It’s a very laid back party atmosphere. The Christmas decorations are still up! We made our reservations a year in advance and still had some minor issues with the dates. We got the problem more or less resolved, and will be here for 6 nights instead of the 7 originally planned. 🙄

We can visit the entire island on bikes, but we have to drive the dog across town (3 miles) to access the only dog park big enough to throw a frisbee.

She’s not impressed with the locals……

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