#6. June 2022 – Continental Divide Trail – Colorado

Night 13 – 14 – 15

June 27 and 28 and 29

Heading toward Steamboat Springs

It was an intentionally short driving day. Our first priority was to find a laundromat. It’s amazing that we can get a mountain of clean laundry back into the Jeep “closet”.

Gondola mailbox!
Low maintenance horses
Steamboat Springs, another pretty little Colorado tourist town.

Steamboat Springs is home to natural hot springs that are located throughout the area. Upon first hearing a chugging sound, early trappers believed that a steamboat was coming down the river. When the trappers saw that there was no steamboat, and that the sound was coming from a hot spring, they decided to name the spring Steamboat Springs.

Much smaller ski resort than Breckinridge ….. is this it? There must be more…

Night #13

We found another KOA in Steamboat Springs along a river. The weather has been much better as we move north.

Sometimes you just need to get the laundry done and relax. 😊

Wyoming or bust!

The weather was still great as we headed north toward Wyoming.

When in the area, be sure to stop by Clark Store. It’s a charming little store and they make amazing breakfast burritos and sandwiches. The cook was a little testy, but someone had just ordered 60 burritos.

Steamboat Lake State Park would make a great camping spot on the CDT tracks. It was too early in the day or we would have stopped. There is plenty of group camping opportunities here.
He politely waited for the bike rider to pass before running out in front of us.

Colorado is beautiful! It just goes on and on. We started to get the feeling that the rest of north central Colorado was somehow affiliated with the “Three Forks” ranch. Apparently it is a five star fly fishing resort and spa. The property went on for miles and was beautifully maintained.

Not a good spot to lose your frisbee

We stopped next to the “Three Forks” fence to run the dogs and immediately attracted the attention of the ranch security. The girls were trespassing, but no harm done.

Welcome to Wyoming!

And just like that, the terrain changes. It’s great to be making progress on the CDT.

Wow. We don’t see many hikers on the trail.
Trying to find a nice spot for lunch….. no luck here

We made it to Rawlins, Wyoming. We’re taking an extra day here. The KOA was all gravel and not very enticing.

Rawlins reminds us of Winslow, AZ. It has that old railroad town feel.
Love this

Let’s see if there’s a good AIR B&B for two nights. Yes! There’s a nice little two bedroom house available and it has a fenced back yard for the dogs.😊

Nights 14 and 15


The deer are really friendly in the town. These were hanging out in our neighborhood and actually like to play with the dogs!

Lotti says what the heck??

The Wyoming State Penitentiary has been out of commission for some time. The buildings are well kept and they offer tours daily.

Be sure to sign in at the visitor center. They have a wealth of information about the Continental Divide Trail, and a lot of free goodies.

3 thoughts on “#6. June 2022 – Continental Divide Trail – Colorado

  1. Great action shot if the deer ! Looks like you are making great progress. If you haven’t been on the forum in the last few days, check out the recent posts on the ID DBR


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