#5. June 2022 Continental Divide – Colorado

Night 10 and 11 and 12

June 24-25-26

First to Salida, and then the Ute Trail north to Harstel on the 12 GDCR kevin.gps tracks

The trail quickly opened up to some pretty barren terrain. It was pretty, but very odd. Miles and miles of nothing. the roads were good, but expect washboard areas.

A whole lotta nothin’

STOP, Side trip for Urgent care

After days of self treatment of a raging eye infection, (no pictures please) I had to go get some medical help. The best option was to head toward Colorado Springs. Thanks to my little group for sitting in the parking lots through hours of urgent care and sourcing prescriptions. It was an all day affair. Bummer, but I’m on the mend.

In a hurry on our way into Colorado Springs we figured a KOA would be a good choice since we needed to stay two nights and campgrounds were full. The Cripple Creek KOA had one vacancy, hurry!!

First of two nights….

Aren’t we fancy? This was really an amazing site with beautiful views.

AND this was the world’s highest KOA Campground. And WE had the highest camp space in the world’s highest KOA. And WE couldn’t breath….. 😳.

Seriously? Nice idea, but that’s just too far down and back up when you’re at 10,000 ft.
And here’s wonder dog Lotti Da performing the worlds highest
FRISBEE CATCH at the world’s highest KOA!

There’s worse places to be stuck in than Colorado Springs!

I’m not sure we’ve ever camped at 10,000 ft. We were really feeling it. The showers and restrooms were so far away it was an exhausting trek. Luckily we we have a stash of canned oxygen. The pictures look sunny and beautiful, but the weather was horrible at night. We had rain and it was sooooo cold. Luckily we have a dandy diesel heater.

Cripple Creek ended up being miles out of the way for everything we planned to do in Colorado Springs. Between Dr. visits we checked out the Florissant Fossel beds and made a quick drive through the Garden of the Gods.

The Florissant Fossel Beds

We were expecting ordinary fossils, like bugs, fish, or maybe dinosaurs. What an amazing surprise! This is a fossilized stand of giant redwoods! Of course it was pouring rain but I “ran” out onto the trail and got some shots.

This was The Petrified Forest on steroids.

I just love National Monuments. Got the stamp for my book. (I didn’t take pictures at the Urgent Care.)

The Garden of The Gods, the quickie drive:

Woaaaaa! That’s a weird angle.
Love the little kids holding up the rocks for the pic 😁
Of course it’s still raining

Hey! Isn’t that Pike’s Peak? Let’s go!

We were thinking about making a run (drive) to the top. But no, it’s another one of those experiences that require registering for a timed entry reservation.

Turns out that the second night at the KOA was impossible due to the weather. We sat in the Jeeps in the pouring rain. Luckily there was an Air B&B just a couple of miles away on a ranch. They had an RV that slept 6 and allowed dogs. Whew. It wasn’t fancy, and we went a bit higher in elevation where we were actually looking down on the worlds highest KOA, and across from the crest of Pike’s Peak.

Had to get by these knuckleheads
There it is, shelter from the storm
Still raining the next morning, nice front yard at the Air B&B RV
That’s the top of Pikes Peak!
Good night…..

After the medical break, back toward Harstel and back on the CDT trail to Breckinridge.

Night # 12

June 26

More rain

We turned north on Elkhorn Road headed toward Breckinridge.

Old buildings in historic Como

We followed the old rail line path up and over Boreas Pass before coming into a very cold and rainy Breckinridge.

This was a very steep grade. More amazing bikers on the CDT.
The bad weather doesn’t stop the tourists in Breckinridge.
A huge mysterious mine of some sort. We couldn’t figure out what it was. No signs. 🤔
Still raining

We made great time getting to Kremmling, so we considered taking a side trip over to Rocky Mountain National Park. But no. We realize we’re in for enough chaos at The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone due to the floods.

If we ever want to complete the Continental Divide Trail, we need to stay the course!

It just seemed too early to stop and camp around Kremmling so we opted for the 11 EZ1 kevin.gps and made it to Stagecoach State park. There is plenty of room for group parking at this lake.

Beautiful lakefront property for night at the Harding Spur section of Stagecoach State Park.
From near Harstel through Breckinridge and Kremmling to Harding Spur Campground for night #12

2 thoughts on “#5. June 2022 Continental Divide – Colorado

  1. As always great pictures and narrative thx. I to had some eye troubles recently but now all better. Stay safe and enjoy the adventure


  2. Oh my goodness Mother!! 😳🫣
    Whew glad you’re ok!!
    Sounds like you’re having a great adventure but you guys be safe please!! Amazing pics! 😍


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