#4. June 2022 ~ Continental Divide – Colorado

Night 7 and 8, At the Gunnison KOA

June 21 and 22

After we left the Monarch campground we followed the CDT track down to Sargent and then west to Gunnison. Yes, we’ve deviated one more time to visit the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

The KOA advertised “has a petting zoo”. The zoo was actually roaming free. You don’t see this everywhere. There were goats, burros, chickens, and ponies…… and they were pet-able.

The dogs learned to ignore this…..

On to Gunnison National Park

This was a nice sized herd. Luckily they all made it across the highway ok by a hair. The babies were adorable.


There was unforeseen road construction which was going to keep us from returning on the same highway that day, so we figured we’ll just make an alternate loop and see both the north and south rims of the canyons. It’ll be quick they said,……

Lotti of the Black Canyon
Not as grand as our Grand Canyon, but very impressive!
It was amazing to see that there once was a town down in the canyon for the purpose of building this complex water tunnel, dam and diversion system. “Harnessing this water paved the way for the future.”
???? Maybe Yaks?
Breakfast at the KOA
Another casualty of the trip. That’s our old Coleman stove in the new Coleman stove box in the garbage. We’ve had that stove since we got married 47 years ago. We were sad……. till we used the new stove. Wow! It heats up FAST!

Back on the Continental Divide Trail

June 23rd

Night # 9 Boondocking

This is humbling.

O’Haver Lake, Recreation.gov says first come first serve. it is a beautiful lake but don’t count on getting a spot. They do have some spots available to reserve. We got the feeling that the regulars keep these unavailable. It would be difficult to get spots for a large group here.

It was beautiful, but we moved on about a mile and there were plenty of options in the open forest less than a mile away.

There’s our new pop up tent to replace the soccer mom failure. It was supposed to be able to set up in less than 5 minutes. In the strong wind it took about 45, but gives us a nice hangout in the rain.

We found this as well as that shiny new stove at amazing Gene Taylor’s Sporting Goods store in Gunnison.
There’s Libby! What a good traveler at just 9 months old.
You’re a good girl too!

One thought on “#4. June 2022 ~ Continental Divide – Colorado

  1. We did Marshall Pass when we is the TAT. Glad to see that Jeep didn’t get attacked by the bear again, Lake City!


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