#2. June 2022 Continental Divide – New Mexico

Night 2, 16 June

As we moved north on the CDT, the biggest problem day 2 would be avoiding the fire areas. We’ve had huge thunderstorms all over the state which we believe are finally giving the firefighters a break, but the National Forests and all campgrounds have been closed. We’ve found alternate routes and made it work.

I’m obviously a couple of days behind posting. Over the past 3 days we’ve seen the terrain change considerably.

There’s our new friend Will again! The trail is popular with bikers and hikers. We REALLY admire their ambition.

We met Will at our campsite the first night and had him over to dinner. 😁 He just graduated college and wanted to accomplish the CDT on a bicycle. He sent me the link to his SPOT drops so we can follow his progress. We’ll probably see him again.

The biggest problem for the bikers is finding water. They can’t carry much so must rely on creeks, cattle tanks, and whatever else they can find to filter. We gave him a gallon and a half this day. He reminds us of our oldest grandson. We’d like to just hang with him and make sure he’s ok. He says his family is nervous also, but he’s well prepared and doing a great job.

New Mexico is just beautiful!

Mirrors are helpful to see incoming traffic on these single lane shelf roads.

In the middle of nowhere, there’s a little old town that still has a few inhabitants. We just had to ask why anyone ever wanted to settle here. It’s miles from anything and obviously floods often. People still live here!! Why!!???!

The water runs this deep right through town. Crazy…
Time to let the air down….. and get some frisbee action!
Hmmmmm, just a collection maybe?

We had a hard time finding a camping spot for night #2 in this lava flow area. In a designated wilderness area it’s illegal to get off of the trail to camp, so we camped right on the road in a wide spot. Not one vehicle ever came by. It was interesting, but hard on the feet!

Night #2

Note for you off-roaders trying to compare my maps to yours:

We originally downloaded the “gpsKevin” maps from the internet. I then changed his multicolored route tracks to simplify at a glance. I alternated the colors of primary sections gray and black, then changed the designated “easy” sections to pink and the “hard” sections to red.

Our ACTUAL TRIP tracks are laying down as we go as the heavy red line.

In the next post and going forward I’ll include a screenshot of each day’s progress on the maps. I hope this is useful.

The dust at times is almost unbearable.

These roads were horribly rutted out as we meandered through a series of wash outs. The ranchers just keep repairing the damage over and over.

Here comes the rain…. Good for New Mexico, not so for us.

Night 3 June 17

We found this little Frontier Motel in Cuba. We had to get out of the pouring rain.
Night #3 in Cuba
Good morning!
Nope, this route is closed, time to turn around.

Stay tuned, it’s getting much more difficult to navigate the Continental Divide Trail with the fires and new washouts …..

3 thoughts on “#2. June 2022 Continental Divide – New Mexico

  1. Nice update – thanks for sharing your progress. The forest closure we will be interested in as we get closer to running the CDR. Safe travels!


  2. I was at Mogollon a week ago I found it very interesting, did you guys go into the wood shop, it was the highlight of the town. Enjoy the trip


  3. Hi Guys!
    Happy Father’s Day, Dad & Bruce!! ♥️😎

    Quite the adventure already!? 🫣

    Please keep an eye on that biker kid. This momma is worried. 🙏🏻

    Have fun, be safe!!!
    Love you guys!!


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