#1 of 9. June 2022 ~ The Continental Divide Trail

Here we go again!

Last minute prep ….. our home on wheels

We had been planning to take this same trip sometime this year or next with the Jeep club ( https://jeepexpeditions.org ) The timing just hasn’t worked out. We’ve decided to just wing it and go NOW!

This is our blog that we will be updating with trip details and pictures just for family and friends that would like to follow along. If you haven’t already, please add your email in the block within this link to subscribe and you’ll receive updates as we post.

“A Continental Divide occurs at a grand scale, directing water into different watersheds and ultimately oceans or seas. North America is separated by The Continental Divide that spans two continents, stretching all the way from the Bering Strait in Alaska to the bottommost tip of South America.”

The official start to the trip is on the Mexico/New Mexico border on June 14th. We’ll finish up approximately 3,000 miles and ??? weeks later at the Canadian border near Glacier Park.

We’ll be following the tracks in the U.S.A. originally laid out by cross country motorcycle enthusiasts. We could hike the actual trail 😳 ……. But we choose to follow the backroad trails by motor vehicle, camping along the way. These mostly off-road trails cross cross back and forth and sometimes on top of The Continental Divide.

But we’d never go off-road alone. Bruce and Donna are always up for a new adventure and are luckily geared up and ready.

Lotti Da is a doggie pro at this travel stuff, but Libby is just a puppy and is going to be learning as we go.

Could be worse. Will be worse!
Just go to the yellow tire and turn right….. the fun has started!
Canada here we come!
First of many nights camping

7 thoughts on “#1 of 9. June 2022 ~ The Continental Divide Trail

  1. Fantastic ! Really been wanting to do this for some time. I will follow along closely and try to plan in the near future. Please save your GPS tracks, as I would love a copy.


    1. Will do. Ours tracks are a little crazy as we go North. New Mexico is on fire! We’re doing some work arounds but mainly following “gpskevin” tracks.

      We’re glad you’re following.


  2. We were just talking about you guys. We are on the road as well! Currently in Oregon on our way to Pete’s Daughter place in Custer WA. Diesel averaging 5.55-5.85 a gallon so far. Should be in Leavenworth tonight. Safe Travels!


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