Day 31 Fort Pulaski and More


We had a short travel day from St. Augustine to Savannah that turned out to be a great day for historic sites. So much happened in this area. We’re using the Passport Book to lead us to these obscure off track forts and National Historic Sites.

The goal to get all of the stamp cancellations has taken us to places we would have never been aware of. We do love the roads less traveled, especially when they provide a good history lesson. 🇺🇸

We left St. Augustine and continued up the coast into Georgia. Finally out of Florida!

One more fuel stop at Buc-ees!!

The Timucuan Historic Preserve was our last stop leaving Florida.

The Georgia Seashore! Not to be confused with the Florida Seashore. When they say Seashore, they mean miles of swamp and intertwining rivers. We rarely ever get right on the actual shore of the Atlantic and have seen surprisingly few beaches.

More “shoreline”
We made it to the 80! Our plan is to follow the 80 all the way back west. This old US Highway Goes coast to coast, starting in Tybee Island, Georgia and ends in San Diego.

Fort Pulaski. The best of the best.

This is by far the most beautiful and well preserved historic fort that we have ever visited. We took the self guided tour and we’re amazed by the beauty of the structure as well as the surrounding seashore.

Inside the fort
On the upper level. There once were many more cannons.
Don’t jump Lotti Da!
We were wondering why they would build the fort so far from the waterway. 🤔
I get it……
This is sad. 2/3 of the 630,000 casualties of the civil war were from disease, not battle.

We drove on down to the tip of Tybee Island to the actual start of the US 80. We had to get the picture! It was a charming little beach island town and we got a better view of the a nice little light house.

On to Savannah Georgia!

8 thoughts on “Day 31 Fort Pulaski and More

  1. Randal and Judy, I am so enjoying “traveling” around with you guys! Thanks so much for all of the interesting information and beautiful pictures! Happy travels!


  2. Really enjoying the photos and trip info, keep’em coming! Is that the same passport stamp book that the bear tried to eat in Lake City?


    1. We’re so glad you’re following along!

      Yes!! That is the same passport book. The bear took it away when he trashed the car. Wasn’t it you that found it in the field? I still can’t believe I got it back. It’s getting pretty filled up with all of the places we’ve been in the past 4 years.

      We’ll be in the Dallas area for a few days at some point. Can we look you up? It’d be great to see you.


      1. Absolutely! I’d love to meet and catch up and meet Lottie. Yeah, I think I found the book about the same time Randall found the bag with some other stuff still in it. I still can’t believe the bear carried it as far as he did.


        1. Great! I’ll reach out when we know for sure when we’ll be in the Dallas area. David is meeting some old employees at the Sunstate Eq. Yard in South Lake. Where are you in relation to that? I can try to find an RV Park that makes it easy for you to come see us. Or??

          Alison 602-574-2038


        2. Hi! We’ll be coming up to the Dallas area from Waco Wednesday afternoon. Do you have a recommendation of a State Park with hookups or a quiet RV Park that’s close to you? We’re looking forward to visiting with you. 🙂


  3. Love that area. Used to get over there often when lived in Atlanta.
    The islands have great beaches, and we hit them all. Our favorite in the 80’s was Jekyll Island, riding bikes by all the old summer mansions. Downtown Savannah has so much history.


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